Confucius Was A Foodie: Special 3-Part Compilation

Confucius Was A Foodie: Special 3-Part Compilation

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Episode 5: The Big Picture
Christine meets her Chinese chef mentors, discovering her assumptions about Chinese cuisine in North America might not be true

Episode 6: Cantonese
Learning the history of Chinese immigration in America, challenges Christine’s idea of Cantonese cuisine.

Episode 7: Sichuan
Christine ventures into the world of Sichuan cuisine and discovers the surprise of flavor over heat.

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Confucius Was A Foodie: Special 3-Part Compilation

3 Videos

  • S1: Ep.5—The Big Picture

    Christine walks in the footsteps of some of the first Chinese immigrants in North America, revealing stories of luxurious early Cantonese restaurants and imported Chinese chefs and ingredients. From its popularity in the Jewish communities of New York in the early 1900s to its 1950s resurfacing ...

  • S1: Ep.6—Cantonese

    Chef Christine Cushing tastes the worst and the best Cantonese; food that makes her question what she has previously considered ‘Cantonese’. She learns dim sum-making in New York’s oldest parlor, has a Cantonese breakfast in California’s San Gabriel Valley and discovers that real Cantonese is a ...

  • S1: Ep.7—Sichuan

    It is said of Sichuan cuisine that 100 dishes will have 100 flavors, so why is it that when North Americans think Sichuan they think hot hot hot? As a unique style of food, Sichuan cuisine was already famous more than 800 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty. Originally, the cuisine’s fla...